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Data Download Area

We will contact you if there is anything to download.

Information on what to do with the raw FITS data you get is here.

Older data is found in the data archive not here.

Software to download is found in the software download area.

Available Download 18 June 2002

The data download is split in two: the public download area (where calibration frames, observing logs, and publicly disseminated data are found) and the user download area (where your data goes if we fulfill a personal observing proposal). The next phase of the continued developement will include an archive search engine to find all available data in the archive available for a given object.

Information you must know:

  1. Experimental archive search engine. Use at your own risk. Comments on the search engine are welcome.

  2. The data are in FITS format.

  3. In the public download area the "00observing_logs" directory contains the camera logs for each night of observing which would be helpful in figuring out which images were taken on which nights. Consult these to figure out which calibration frames to use with each raw data file.

  4. The raw images are HUGE. People with only casual interest may want to forgo the lengthy download and check the GIFs that will shortly be made available in the image gallery.

  5. The most of the information you would ever need to know about the images and how they were taken in contained in the header to the FITS file. However, the RA and Dec coordinates listed for each image in the FITS header are incorrect.

  6. These are unguided exposures. Longer exposures may show some streaking due to tracking drift.

  7. Each proposal observered since May 2000 has a file in its download directory named "index.txt" which includes a descriptions of the FITS files present in that directory and identifies which zeros, darks, and flats to use in reductions.

  8. Calibration data in the form of zeroes, darks, and flats are available to do your own image processing in the directories, "Zero," "Dark," and "VFlat." The file titled "Flat.[date]" or "Zero.[date]" are combined flats and zeros for those particular dates. Please note that "VFlat" are flats for the V filter; "IFlat" for the I filter; and so forth (EFilter is for no filter, "E" standing for "Empty"). They are all the flat or zero frames for that night combined using a median algorithm with three sigma CR-reject on the zeros.

  9. October 11, 1999: From hence forth. Files named "frame_____.fts" are raw data files and files named "procd_____.fits" are zeroed, dark subtracted, and flat fielded data files. The frame_____.fts files have short integer pixels and the procd_____.fits files have real number pixels.

  10. Access to data requested in proposals is available for download by the requestor only for 30 days after the observation is made. After those thirty days the data is moved to the public archive.

  11. Some processed data has "thumbnail" BMPs so you can see what is in the FTS file before downloading it. The pixels in these thumbnails are binned 10:1. Currently the thumbnail BMPs have a color map consisting of a linear scale with a 0.5/3.0 high/low sigma clip. Only FTS files which were requested to undergo processing will have thumbnails right now.

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