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Nassau Station

CWRU Nassau Station Robotic Telescope

What's up at the station

Weather Station

An up to the minute report on temperature, humidity, wind, pressure, and precipitation. 

Polaris Monitor

Check to see if it has been cloudy.

NSRT Sky Clock

Courtesy A. Danko, this is an analysis of Canadian weather models for North America that predicts that atmospheric tranparency at our site for the next 48 hours.

Iridium Flares

Flares from Iridium Satellite passes visible at the NSRT over the next 7 days. These suckers are bright.

Evening Satellite Passes

Satellites visible to the naked eye this evening at the NSRT.

Auroral Activity

With a geomagnetic latitude of about 52 degrees a minimum Kp6 activity is visible at our site. Auroa are best observed at and around midnight

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