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The software provided here is intended for use on Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT operating systems unless otherwise noted. These programs are licensed for use only and may not be re-distributed in any form. Licence to use this software is void if the end user makes any attempt to reverse engineer or decompile the executables. All documentation and executables are copyright to the CWRU Warner and Swasey observatory and the authors. The CWRU Warner and Swasey Observatory and its employees are not responsible for any damages that may result as a consequence of using this software.

By downloading this software you agree to the above terms.

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Available Software



A buggy alpha version of software to display and perform some rudimentary operations on FITS files. The documentation is included in the .zip file.



A beta version of software to calculate the observer centric position on the sky for objects (i.e. planets and asteroids) from solar orbital elements. The routines used are virtually the same as those used to point the NSRT. Be sure to read the README.txt file included in the .zip.



A program to convert a FITS file of one data type to a FITS file of another data type or a 24-bit BMP. This file is useful for converting the processed FITS files from the NSRT into a format useable form for the Hands On Astronomy software.

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