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Image Reduction Software

For an introduction to CCD reductions look here.

The data that will be returned to the requester will be raw data in FITS format. Raw data is a picture (which astronomers more commonly call an image or a frame). The frames will not be flat-fielded, nor will they be zero or dark subtracted. Calibration frames for these operations will be available. We will begin work on standard pipeline reductions in the near future.

We have our home-grown FITS image reduction software here.

Another FITS viewer we suggest you use is SAODS9 which can be found at

In the mean time check out FITSView at under "os-support" or for those running Unix compatible operating systems there is IRAF at (note: IRAF is not for the faint of heart casual observer). The Unix image display utilities XV and SAOImage can also handle displaying FITS images.

There are also numerous FITS manipulation programs available for multiple platforms at through the "software" button on the main page.

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Last modified Decmber 11, 2000
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