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Nassau Station

Nassau Station Pictures

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A gallery of us moving the telescope mirror for re-coating

Nassau pic 1Nassau pic 2Nassau pic 3
The observatory and surrounding land.

scope pic 1scope pic 2
Pictures of the telescope as it appeared prior to painting in June 1998

new scope pic 1 new scope pic 2new scope pic 3new scope pic 4
Pictures of the telescope as it currently appears.

scope tail piece pic 1scope tail piece pic 2
Pictures of the tailpiece (instruments hung behind the hole in the primary mirror of the telescope). Currently the tailpiece is equipped to hold a CCD camera for guiding the telescope and another CCD camera for direct imaging. The cables hanging off the tailpiece connect to the computer controls for the cameras and motors.

Polaris monitor
The Polaris monitor. If the night is clear, the Polaris monitor will see Polaris and tell the telescope that it is possible to observe.

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