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Please Read!

By the act of entering this online interface you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of use.

Provisional Terms and Conditions of Use

These terms and conditions are in effect until such a time as the CWRU Warner and Swasey staff removes them or the telescope becomes fully operational.

  1. No imaging of the Sun or Moon. They are too bright for our telescope and camera.

  2. No imaging of Mercury or Venus, they are too close to the Sun. Observations of all other planets and minor planets are permitted.

  3. No imaging of comets - this will take on the fly position calculations which we have not yet implemented though we do have the capability in the telescope.

  4. No spectrographic observations until the spectrograph is completed and online.

  5. Maximum length of a single exposure: 15 Minutes

  6. No guided exposures - You must depend on the telescope tracking properly (for now). Any exposure over 2 minutes in length risks being smeared.

  7. Maximum number of frames: 5 (all at the same position).

Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. Images and spectra taken with the Nassau Station Robotic Telescope remain the property of the CWRU Warner and Swasey Observatory. Data obtained from proposals or public acquisition are licensed for use by the holder of the images at no cost on the condition that if/when they are displayed publicly or used in a publication proper credit is given to the CWRU Nassau Station Robotic Telescope and CWRU Warner and Swasey Observatory.

  2. Submitted proposals become the property of the CWRU Warner and Swasey Observatory.

  3. Users are asked to report any errors or bugs they may encounter on the Nassau Station Robotic Telescope web site by e-mail to Any user caught not reporting a bug that is used to gain unauthorized access to the site is subject to permanent termination of their user account.

  4. Unauthorized access, attempt to "hack," or inappropriate and unintended use of the Nassau Station or CWRU Department of Astronomy web site will not be tolerated under any circumstances by the staff of the CWRU Warner and Swasey Observatory or the CWRUnet Services and will at the least result in permanent termination of user privileges.

  5. Direct images or spectra of the sun or direct images of the moon are strictly prohibited for purpose of protecting the telescope cameras and optics from permanent damage.

Last modified December 16, 1998
Case Western Reserve University