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This page is devoted to images of interest that have been taken with the CWRU Nassau Station Robotic Telescope direct imaging camera. The collection here should grow steadily as we continue to work to bring the telescope fully online.

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June 18, 2000
A two frame animated gif of Pluto. Two 120s no filter images were taken of Pluto about 150 minutes apart. During that time Pluto moved about 5 seconds of arc.
Pluto moves!
June 19, 2000
A 300s no filter exposure of face-on spiral galaxy NGC 5905. Some rather impressive tidal tails are visible trailing off the spiral arms.
NGC 5905
June 29, 2000
A 60s no filter exposure of comet Linear (1999/S4).
Comet Linear (1999/S4)
June 29, 2000
A 600s no filter exposure of blink frame of asteroid Corbin (#4008). Corbin, named after astronomer Tom Corbin and librarian Brenda Corbin of the United States Naval Observatory, is about 17th magnitude. The blinked images were taken 10 minutes apart.
Comet Linear (1999/S4)

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