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Nassau Station

Reference for the CWRU Nassau Station Robotic Telescope

This page will be growing over the next few months thanks to the diligent efforts of Rebecca Stanek and Marta Lewandowska. If you have a suggestion for something you would like to see here, please E-mail

Index of General Astronomy Stuff

  • Atmospheric Seeing: An introduction to how images are distorted by the atmosphere.
  • CCD Chips: A primer on Charged Coupled Device imaging technology
  • CCD Image Reduction: An outline of the theory behind reducing raw data from CCDs.
  • Photometry: An explaination of photometry (study of the brightness of objects) and associated terms.
  • SkyPoints: A reference on how points on the sky are determined.
  • Spectra: A primer on astronomical spectra
  • Fiber Optics: A primer on astronomical use of fiber optics
  • Telescopes: A primer on telescopes
  • Viewing Satellites: How to observe man-made satellites in Earth orbit
  • Solar System: A primer on our solar-system
  • Stars: A primer on the birth, life, death, and general characteristics of stars

Index of Nassau Telescope Specific Stuff