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This page is devoted to images of interest that have been taken with the CWRU Nassau Station Robotic Telescope direct imaging camera. The collection here should grow steadily as we continue to work to bring the telescope fully online.

Click on a thumbnail to get the full sized picture.

Why do these pictures look different from the previous galleries?

These pictures are a different shape and size because they were taken with a different CCD camera. The previous pictures in the gallery were taken with our Apogee CCD but these are taken with our new FLI CCD, which will normally be used as an autoguider. The FLI CCD has a larger light collection area and a higher sensitivity to light.

These pictures have variations in brightness across their background because at the time they were taken we were having problems with scattered light in the telescope and could not flat field the images.

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March 18, 2000
A 300 second exposure of the face-on galaxy M96 (not flat fielded)
March 18, 2000
A color composite of the Owl Nebula, a planetary nebula.
Owl Nebula
March 18, 2000
A 300 second exposure of the galaxy cluster Arp 321.
NGC 1160
March 14, 2000
A 300 second exposure of globular cluster M3. Compare this picture to the same picture taken with a different camera in gallery 2.
NGC 2440


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