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This page is devoted to images of interest that have been taken with the CWRU Nassau Station Robotic Telescope direct imaging camera. The collection here should grow steadily as we continue to work to bring the telescope fully online.

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August 28, 1999
September 26, 2000
September 28th, 2000
Three color composites of the planet Jupiter. Note the prominent equatorial bands. There are contrast differences between the images and the second and third images are sharper due to better atmospheric seeing. In the third image, the Great Red Spot is visible in the middle of the planet in the bottom equatorial band (look closely, it isn't easy to see but it is there).
Planet Jupiter Planet Jupiter
Planet Jupiter with the Great Red Spot
August 28, 1999
August 24, 2000
A color composite and B Filter image of the planet Saturn. Note the shadow of the planet on the rings.
Planet Saturn Planet Saturn
August 28, 1999
Color composites of the double stars Alpha Hercules and 49 Cyg. The stars have different surface temperatures which results in strikingly different colors. (Alpha Her = Orange & Green; 49 Cyg = Yellow/Green & Red)
Alpha Hercules
49 Cyg
July 11, 1999
A mosaic of 60 second exposures with no filter of the cluster M13.


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