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This page is devoted to images of interest that have been taken with the CWRU Nassau Station Robotic Telescope direct imaging camera. The collection here should grow steadily as we continue to work to bring the telescope fully online.

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August 30, 1999
A color composite of part of open galactic star cluster NGC 7790. Different star surface temperatures manifest themselves as different colors.
NGC 7790
September 1, 1999
and September 11, 1999
A ten minute no filter exposure of part of Hickson Compact Galaxy Group 96. The second image is a zoom in on the spiral galaxy NGC 7674.
Hickson Compact [Galaxy] Group #96Detail of NGC 7674
September 3, 1999
Ten minute no filter exposures of an edge on (NGC 100) and inclined face on (NGC 63) spiral galaxies.
NGC 100 (edge on spiral) NGC 63 (inclined face on spiral)
September 3, 1999
A color composite of the planet Neptune. The small red object to the lower left is a background star, not a moon.


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